5.7 Horizon DTS: Dependable, Efficient & Clean, Fluidly Smooth, Digitally Precise, Unmatched Reliability

The Horizon 5.7 features standard closed cooling and a four-year factory warranty when installed by one of our many Installation Quality-certified boat manufacturers. Producing 300 hp from its time-tested V-8, it makes a great choice for a variety of cruisers and houseboats. Fitted with our Multiport Injection (MPI) and advanced engine control systems, the Horizon 5.7 is the pinnacle of gas inboards. Like all MerCruiser inboards, the Horizon 5.7 is available with a large variety of popular transmissions to fit virtually any application. Available DTS (Digital Throttle & Shift) is mated to a direct-acting electric shift transmission. DTS eliminates cable maintenance and provides consistent and precise throttle and shift control and never requires any adjustment. DTS can automatically synchronize multiple engines, provides shift protection and includes SmartStart digital starting. It DTS also features Transmission Guardian to automatically protect against damage from overheating or low fluid levels.

3 Year Limited Warranty 3 Year Corrosion Warranty Emmisions Control